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Pioneering Digital Communications Service Recognised by NFTMO

Using Deeplake Communications Manager V5.4 in partnership with SDM Housing, Friday Hill TMO has gained national recognition for its pioneering use of text messaging to keep in touch with resident, winning the award for Most Effective Use of Social Media from the National Federation of TMOs.

Over 600 residents have so far signed up for the organisation’s text messaging service which enables Friday Hill to communicate information about a range of subjects including local events, repairs appointments, board meetings and changes to welfare reform.

It has been particularly effective in helping to collect tenants views on the repairs service, says Friday Hill’s Director, Jeremy Carson: “Since we acquired the SDM text messaging service in February 2012, we have seen an increase in the response rate for the repairs satisfaction survey from 26% to just under 40%, whilst substantially reducing the cost of collecting this data” he said. “We previously spent an estimated £4,000 a year on mailing out repairs satisfaction questionnaires but the texting service has reduced this down to just over £100 a year. For a small organisation like ours, that’s a very significant saving.”

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Plus Dane Group Choose CMGR

Plus Dane Group manage over 15,000 properties and use the Civica and IBS Housing Management Systems. Deeplake have implemented CMGR using its ability to link across multiple systems to provide a single seamless communications solution for Plus Dane's tenants.

Deeplake said, "Plus Dane are a very well respected and efficient Housing provider who carefully analysed the SMS marketplace and chose CMGR as the leading solution. Plus Dane are efficient and focussed and I would expect a return on investment within months."

CMGR will be implemented across the full range of Housing areas including Rent Collections, Repairs and Maintenance, Staff assistance including Lone Working and Surveys.

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Deeplake welcomes Shettleton Housing

Deeplake welcomes Shettleston Housing

Shettleston Housing Association has selected Deeplake CMGR as their tenant messaging platform. Shettleston joins a strong and rapidly growing CMGR community in Scotland, using multi-channel tenant messaging across a range of Housing Management

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Pioneering Text Message Service Recognised

Using Deeplake Communications Manager V5.4 in partnership with SDM Housing, Friday Hill    

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Thames Valley Housing

Thames Valley Homes choose Deeplake

Thames Valley Homes have adopted Deeplake, using the new Cloud-based service to streamline

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Fife Housing

Fife Housing Association select Deeplake

Deeplake are delighted to have Fife Housing join the Deeplake community, implementing

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Christian Action

Christian Action Chooses Deeplake with V6

Deeplake is delighted that Christian Action have upgraded to our new V6 release, taking advantage of new Social Media features and digital channels.

Marlon Shaw is head of ICT at Christian Action, a Housing Association founded in 1966 as a local, church-based, response to the need for affordable housing for rent. Today it owns or manages over 1550 properties in four North London boroughs - Enfield, Barnet, Haringey and Waltham Forest.

Marlon recently upgraded to Deeplake’s CMGR v6.0 “We are really pleased with version 6 and the Tenant Portal. The support provided when we have had any technical glitches or issues with the Portal has been brilliant.”

Marlon was astonished with the turnaround from the initial Deeplake presentation of v6.0 and the tenants’ portal to implementation and roll-out. The speed, support and low cost was particularly impressive, along with a really user-friendly platform that was received internally with great enthusiasm.

“I’ve been in IT for over 40 years and I’ve never had such a positive experience – excellent, really excellent”

Marlon thought the support he received from the team was ‘amazing’, with issues being resolved, in some cases, within hours. He felt this helped him keep the momentum behind the initial enthusiasm for v6.0 and enabled an efficient and effective promotion to customers.

Christian Action has been promoting the tenants’ portal via newsletter and email to date and have started a staff incentive scheme to increase sign ups. Marlon believes being able to make payments online 24/7 is a real benefit for their customers. They have seen huge benefit in being able to confirm appointments via text and are planning to roll this out for repairs. Marlon is also determined to take on the arrears module to help identify payment trends for early intervention.

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Welwyn Hatfield upgrade CMGR with Diary-to-Text

Deeplake's Diary-to-Text module extends the Housing Database integration features by allowing and message created within the Housing Database to be automatically sent via any of the Deeplake digital channels.

This quick and easy upgrade allows users to send messages through Communication Manager, without installing any desktop software or requiring training.

Any message created within the Housing Database is still logged, filtered and routed by CMGR's powerful message routing engine, retaining the advanced communication ability and messaging  integration of Deeplake Communication Manager.

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image-Wishawand DistrictLogo.jpg

Wishaw and District Housing Association adopt CMGR

We are delighted to welcome Wishaw and District Housing Association as a new customer, working with our partner and leading HMS provider Omniledger.

Integrated with Omniledger's HMS Pyramid, CMGR will enable more streamlined and timely communication with tenants, allowing ad-hoc communication, surveys, repairs and rents reminders to  to be carried out by SMS or Email and now with Smartphone technology as a communications option.

Wishaw and District Housing Association are a non-profit making registered social landlord operating  in the Wishaw and surrounding areas.

Wishaw were established in 1978 to improve local housing provision, initially through the rehabilitation of turn of the century tenement flats that had structural problems and were lacking in amenities. Since 1990 WDHA provide high quality, affordable homes for rent and for Shared Ownership, and also acts as the property managers for homeowners and sharing owners.

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Digital Channel Shift is our business. Deeplake are market leaders enabling Social Landlords and Local Authorities to engage customers across all Digital Channels with a single, proven, Integrated Platform

Digital Channel Shift is our business. Deeplake are the market leaders enabling Social Landlords and Local Authorities to engage customers using Digital Channels with a single, proven, Integrated Platform - Deeplake Communication Manager