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Digital Channel Shift is our business. Deeplake are market leaders enabling Social Landlords and Local Authorities to engage customers across all Digital Channels with a single, proven, Integrated Platform

Digital Channel Shift is our business. Deeplake are the market leaders enabling Social Landlords and Local Authorities to engage customers using Digital Channels with a single, proven, Integrated Platform

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Staff Mobile Application in South Wales!

Deeplake are delighted to work with Seren Group (including Charter Housing, Seren Living and Solas) to provide mobile access to data for staff, and for tenants to access and update information remotely.

Developing further the powerful Deeplake Tenant Portal and Smartphone App, in partnership with Seren Groups IT team, the new Web/Tablet/Mobile Phone applications will allow tenants to access news, key services, contact their housing and car provider, and update information remotely saving staff time and further improving Seren Groups excellent services.

Making key tenant information available to staff on the move will help make staff more efficient and responsive, and provide simple, mobile access to data within the Civica Universal Housing database and other sources.

Deeplake has many years’ experience with mobile technology, and making customer data easy to visualise and access, and is both a leader in, and is committed to, the Social Housing Sector.

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Deeplake Launch Data Channel

With 10 years’ experience, and over 120 Communication Manager Installations, Deeplake have developed extensive experience extracting and exploiting data from a wide variety of Housing Databases (11 Housing Databases plus Microsoft Dynamics, individually or in combination). This data can be automatically imported into our CMGR product from one, or multiple, sources to make all your customer data available for use in messages.

To allow simple merging of customer data into personalised customer messages Deeplake stores this data in a powerful Data Warehouse and Data Visualisation interface within our CMGR product, allowing tenants and customers to be located (by data field or by map) and displayed in a simple, customisable interface. The easy to use CMGR interface also allows simple exporting to .csv, .pdf, and Excel files.

Responding to customer demand, we have now made the Data Warehouse feature available as a standalone tool, to centralise multiple customer data sources into one simple to use interface. The Deeplake Data Warehouse is available as “Data Channel” and can be used with a Windows or Web interface and bring together multiple customer data sources for use on an office or mobile (phone or tablet) device.

In addition to column views and maps, display forms can be customised for specific applications (care and health data, finance data, repair data etc.) allowing operatives to have simple, low cost access to customer data wherever they are. All appropriate security provision apply to data in transit and on devices, controllable by user and profile.

We are also making the Data Channel data warehouse available to key partners.

Please contact our customer care team at info@deeplake.co.uk for more information or a demonstration of Deeplake Data Channel. 

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Deeplake Launches in Australia

To support our partnerships and following strong local interest, Deeplake have launched sales in South Eastern Australia, especially following strong interest from customers in Victoria, New South Wales and Southern Australia.

Deeplake were delighted to be the main sponsor for PowerHousing, the major Housing Conference in 2016 held in Melbourne, including a presentation of our services and UK Case Studies, an exhibition stand at the show manned by both the UK and local Australian team, and announcement of our first customers in Australia.

The response has been outstanding, and we expect to announce many new projects over the coming weeks both in our traditional area of automated messaging, and also with our rapidly growing tenant and staff portal products.

Deeplake are committed to working closely with the Australian Community Housing Sector, with 100% “in-country” hosted services, Local message and network Providers, and local staff.


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Wishaw and District Housing Association adopt CMGR

We are delighted to welcome Wishaw and District Housing Association as a new customer, working with our partner and leading HMS provider Omniledger.

Integrated with Omniledger's HMS Pyramid, CMGR will enable more streamlined and timely communication with tenants, allowing ad-hoc communication, surveys, repairs and rents reminders to  to be carried out by SMS or Email and now with Smartphone technology as a communications option.

Wishaw and District Housing Association are a non-profit making registered social landlord operating  in the Wishaw and surrounding areas.

Wishaw were established in 1978 to improve local housing provision, initially through the rehabilitation of turn of the century tenement flats that had structural problems and were lacking in amenities. Since 1990 WDHA provide high quality, affordable homes for rent and for Shared Ownership, and also acts as the property managers for homeowners and sharing owners.

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BPHA Chooses Communication Manager

BPHA Chooses Communication Manager

Deeplake is delighted to welcome bpha to the enormous community of Social Housing providers who have chosen Communication Manager for electronic tenant communication.

Supporting the government's agenda of improved services and increased efficiency, SMS and email communication is less costly, more efficient and allows more participative and inclusive communication than dated postal or even telephone communications.

Bpha will introduce a wide range of tenant communications using the advanced build in features of Communication Manager.

Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association (now bpha) initially provided rented housing for the tenants who had transferred and others on waiting lists. 

Today bpha is a mature association that continues to grow and diversify its services for a wide range of customers, including key public sector workers and others looking for low cost home ownership. As a leading provider and developer of affordable housing, bpha now works across central, southern and eastern England, including Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

Bpha currently manages nearly 13,000 homes and employs more than 300 staff. Since 1992, it has helped more than 5,000 families into home ownership and currently manages more than 1,000 shared ownership properties.

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South Derbyshire District Council Choose CMGR

South Derbyshire District Council Choose CMGR

 We are delighted to work with Orchard Housing to bring an integrated SMS and email tenant communications solution to the Tenants of SDDC. Deeplake CMGR integrates with Orchard Housing, ArcHouse and ArcHouse Plus to deliver cost efficient and convenient communication across a range of services.

Deeplake and Orchard have jointly invested time and effort as partners to deliver modern interactive communication, fully linked to core Housing Management data and systems. Deeplake are experts in communications technology, and Orchard are experts in managing the data vital to Social Landlords.

South Derbyshire is the sixth fastest-growing local authority area in England, with a population of approximately 91,000 (ONS mid 2007 estimate), meaning approximately 37,000 households who need somewhere to live. South Derbyshire's housing stock is currently mostly low-rise semi-detached and detached family homes. Approximately 9.5% of South Derbyshire's housing is rented accommodation provided by social landlords; either the council or housing associations.

SDDC tenant and resident participation encourages individuals to make a real contribution to the decisions that affect their homes and communities. Involvement in the service means that SDDC's customers, are able to provide a valuable source of feedback, which can lead to improved services.

SDDC know that involving tenants in the management of their homes and estates is vital to deliver better housing services and improve the quality of life for local communities.

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Welwyn Hatfield upgrade CMGR with Diary-to-Text

Deeplake's Diary-to-Text module extends the Housing Database integration features by allowing and message created within the Housing Database to be automatically sent via any of the Deeplake digital channels.

This quick and easy upgrade allows users to send messages through Communication Manager, without installing any desktop software or requiring training.

Any message created within the Housing Database is still logged, filtered and routed by CMGR's powerful message routing engine, retaining the advanced communication ability and messaging  integration of Deeplake Communication Manager.

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Rhondda Housing Chooses CMGR for Tenant Communication

Rhondda Housing Chooses CMGR for Tenant Communication

Rhondda Housing have selected Deeplake CMGR to improve communication with tenants and contractors in the areas of Rent Arrears, Repairs Scheduling, and other areas.

Rhondda Housing Association has been providing housing in the area for 30 years now and have invested over £60 million in housing in the Rhondda Cynon Taf area during that time - continuing to invest nearly £3 million a year.

30 years ago Rhondda was based in a small converted house inTylorstown - it now has a purpose built office in Compton Road, Tonypandy to be be accessible to tenants who occupy over 1400 properties throughout the Rhondda and Taff Ely areas.

Rhondda Housing Association is a community based, tenant focused Association that only works in Rhondda Cynon Taf. A large proportion of staff are local people and Rhondda have a policy to use local contractors wherever possible with a vested interest in the success of the local area and in the communities.

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Deeplake Welcomes Yorkshire Coast Homes

Deeplake Welcomes Yorkshire Coast Homes

Yorkshire Coast Homes has selected Deeplake Communication Manager to streamline and develop tenant communication for Repairs and Rents information using SMS to tenants' mobile phones.

Communication Manager links to the housing management database, allowing powerful two-way messages to be configured and sent, reminding tenants of arrears, and of upcoming events such as repairs appointments.

Yorkshire Coast Homes is a not-for-profit housing association providing 4,300 high quality homes for rent to people in Scarborough, Whitby, Filey and surrounding areas. 

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Richmond Housing joins CMGR Community

Richmond Housing joins CMGR Community

?We are delighted to welcome Richmond Housing to the CMGR community. Richmond Housing, based in South West London, manage over 10,000 properties using the Aareon Housing Management System.


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