Our Housing Solutions

We have a long-standing commitment to Housing and Social Landlords in particular. We support over 130 Social Landlords in the UK with tenant communication solutions offering a range of digital platforms including Tenant Portal, Smartphone Apps, and automated services via SMS, Email, iMessage, Facebook and Twitter. Watch our video overviews to see how easy Deeplake is to use!

We have the most comprehensive and easy to use digital communication solution, which already integrates with your current Housing Management System for simple deployment.

Our pre-configured Housing Modules allow Landlords to deploy very quickly by providing prepared messages, automated workflows, data interfaces and reports pre-built for each department. Each module was developed with Landlords and provides an easy and tested start-point for an implementation. Data integration has also been pre-developed with every main Housing Management Application to allow seamless messaging. Each module can be fully customised to exactly match the your communication style and business processes.

Applications for Income Management

Income Management


Applications for Housing and Asset Management

Housing Management



Housing Modules


Rents and Arrears

Accelerate rent collection with a set of automated communication processes for the Rent department. Pre-built transactions include Rent Balance Enquiry, Letter One, Letter Two, Notice of Seeking Possession and Court Proceeding notifications.

Rent Arrears Trending

Streamlining the rent chasing cycle, the Rent Arrears Trending module provides instant and graphical analysis of rent arrears data, from which automated Letter One or chasing messages can be instantly sent.

In conjunction with the Mobile Payment Gateway,Communication Manager Rent Modules provide a powerful set of tools to identify, chase and collect rent income.

Repairs Management

Tenants can report repairs, repair reminders can be generated, and contractors can report job progress and completion with customer satisfaction surveys automatically triggered and carried out.

Two-way conversations can be automated between tenants, contractors and Housing staff, reducing calls and paperwork in the repairs process.

Campaigns & Marketing

Surveys and customer feedback is vital across a wide range of areas, from repairs performance to market research, and from tenant profiling to sales and letting. The Campaigns module provides an easy way to build surveys across any digital channel, with flexible and comprehensive reporting. With  response rates typically exceeding 70%, very low costs, and very rapid turn-around times, digital Campaigns are the most effective way to gain customer feedback.

Profile Manager

Keeping customer records up to date and accurate can be challenging. Profile Manager automatically monitors nominated data fields in your Housing Database and/or CRM system, and at predetermined times contacts tenants to refresh and correct data digitally, and automatically.

Business Continuity

Managing communication during a disaster event is difficult, especially when key systems are unavailable. During "disasters" mobile communications are vital, but the volume of participants and messages require automated process that are controlled and auditable. Our off-site hosted Business Continuity Module allows an event to be announced within seconds. Key teams and staff can be notified instantly during the incident, sharing information in real-time.

Lone Worker

This simple and practical module allows any worker or contractor with a mobile phone to initiate a self-monitoring process via SMS, Email or Smartphone App. Regular prompts check all is well with alarms or "no contact" messages being generated automatically to staff or external call centres. Low cost and flexible protection, available 24x7.

Resident Involvement

This "Private Twitter" module allows groups to share information via "Digital NoticeBoards". Tenants, staff and other stakeholder groups can discuss and share topics of interest without knowledge of each others mobile numbers and with all conversations being audited and content controlled. A great way for landlords to facilitate residents shared interest groups, securely and cost effectively.

Voids and Allocations

Minimising voids and effective marketing is vital. Voids and allocations notifies tenants of qualifying properties, helps with queries and visits, and streamlines the allocation process.

Gas Servicing and Planned Maintenance

Allows scheduled notification of works using data from the Asset Management or Housing Database. Two-way communication helps avoid no-shows plus simple job completion by SMS or Smartphone helps track job progress, with automated surveys after the work. Spot problems quickly, and ensure tenants are fully aware of events.

ASB, Complaints and Compliments

A picture is worth a thousand words, and ASB reporting by mobile allows tenants to record problems and report in a structured way via smartphone or even SMS text. Automated workflows notify relevant departments and feed reports and messages into the Housing database.