Partner Overview

Partnership is vital to delivering seamless service to customers, and we work with a range of technology and solution Partners in developing and delivering our products.

We list Partners in one of three catagories, which we assign based on our relationship and how we work together;

Partner Categories
Technology Partners We rely on a range of underlying technology (such as Microsoft platforms) in our solutions, and our technology partners are those whom we feel provide best-of-breed or market leading platforms.
Integration Partners These are application or technology vendors where we have worked either directly linking our products, or as part of customer implementations.We will usually award an organisation Integration Partner status once we have a number of successfully implemented customer projects.
Commercial Partners Commercial Partners are our premier partners and have a formal Partnersip Agreement with Deeplake, typically covering joint marketing and support arrangements, and the Partner will resell or introduce Deeplake products within an agreed framework. Commercial Partners may resell all or some of Deeplake's products, depending on their requirements and product portfolio.

Partners by Deeplake Category

Premier Commercial Partners

Integration Partners


Technology Partners