Communication Manager

Deeplake Communications Manager is a automated 2-way digital communications platform, allowing you to engage customers in a fresh, efficient, and low cost way.

Communications Manager provides a full range of digital communication channels, with multiple languages, giving you the best chance of quality customer engagement.

All modules are fully integrated and can be adopted as required. A common database and data feeds ensures all customer information is consistent, whichever digital channel the customer uses.

Local Authority Overview

Digital Channel Shift reduces costs across a Local Authorities operations, whilst also providing a more responsive service to customers. We have extended our range of application modules to be relevant to Local Authorities and allow streamlining of communications across a wide range of departments.

Deeplake Communication Manager is unique in having the scale, flexibility and powerful feature set to cope with communications across a Local Authorities Departments, with role based security, departmental SMS numbers, full auditing and reporting capabilities, plus many other powerful features. All Corporate Modules can be used across all Digital Channels - whether you offer SMS, Email, Smartphone, Social Media or Customer Portal.

Corporate Modules allow Local Authorities customers to deploy Communications Manager very quickly by providing a prepared set of messages, workflows, data interfaces and reports pre-built for each department.

Our Housing Solutions

We have a long-standing commitment to Housing and Social Landlords in particular. We support over 130 Social Landlords in the UK with tenant communication solutions offering a range of digital platforms including Tenant Portal, Smartphone Apps, and automated services via SMS, Email, iMessage, Facebook and Twitter. Watch our video overviews to see how easy Deeplake is to use!

We have the most comprehensive and easy to use digital communication solution, which already integrates with your current Housing Management System for simple deployment.

Our pre-configured Housing Modules allow Landlords to deploy very quickly by providing prepared messages, automated workflows, data interfaces and reports pre-built for each department. Each module was developed with Landlords and provides an easy and tested start-point for an implementation. Data integration has also been pre-developed with every main Housing Management Application to allow seamless messaging. Each module can be fully customised to exactly match the your communication style and business processes.

Applications for Income Management

Income Management


Applications for Housing and Asset Management

Housing Management



Data Channel

Deeplake Data Channel makes application data easily accessible to 3rd party and self developed applications. Over many years Deeplake has developed a set of data extraction, interface and application write-back capabilities to support our advanced two-way communications technology. If your application required consistent, secure access to data in an existing proprietary database, Deeplake Data Channel could be your solution.

This unique data access solution is now available as a stand-alone solution.