Communication Manager

Deeplake Communications Manager is a automated 2-way digital communications platform, allowing you to engage customers in a fresh, efficient, and low cost way.

Communications Manager provides a full range of digital communication channels, with multiple languages, giving you the best chance of quality customer engagement.

All modules are fully integrated and can be adopted as required. A common database and data feeds ensures all customer information is consistent, whichever digital channel the customer uses.

Communication Manager Modules


Core Communications

Provides bulk and ad-hoc SMS and Email communication with advanced automation and target selection features. Communications can be targeted using selections by any data held on the customer (including Housing Management or CRM data), or by map selection.

Scheduled communications and self-service transactions are also supported by the advanced workflow engine.

Social Networking

The Social Networking Module adds Social Media Channels to your communication mix. We add Channels as new Social Media services become popular and currently include Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Instagram is scheduled to be added in early 2016.

Social Network Manager

This module monitors your Social Media presence and feedback posted by customers. You can alert key staff to sensitive content posted, remove postings which breach your guidelines, and generate personalised messages about usage, all without requiring staff effort. Social Networking posts can also be written back to Customer or Tenant databases to keep a full history.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is an online, web-based interface for customers to use on their PC's, tablets and mobile devices.Responsive design automatically reformats for the device used, and a full range of Social Housing features are available from option-guided repair logging to rent statements, news pages, document store and message trail.


The Smartphone for Android (with iPhone due shortly) allows tenants all the Customer Portal features in a native mobile App. At first log-on  the App customised itself to your look and feel and features can also be customised to match your customers' requirements.

SMS Numbers

Communication Manager is a high-volume production platform and supports long and short SMS numbers, shared numbers or departmental numbers, and full auditing and graphical reporting of usage. Additional SMS numbers can be added at any time.

Mobile Payments

The Mobile payments module allows payments to be collected from customers and tenants by SMS, Smartphone or Tenant Portal. Payments can be scripted within the Core Communications module into any workflow, allowing automated collections by any department.